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New Profile Posts

  1. Magruger
    Magruger buendia518
    New to the forums and can't figure out how to email you, sorry. Please feel free to send me an email, I have an Al Mar Hawk Ultralight if you're still looking to trade! [email protected]
  2. MythrilBlades
    MythrilBlades Fosmosis
    email me at [email protected]
  3. carbonex
    carbonex -Corey-
    This is a huge long shot, but do you still have NIB Shinola Valet 485 available?
  4. Lord Yert
    Lord Yert
    Brand new, about to attempt first blade.
  5. knifenut880
    knifenut880 Traut
    I'll take the stubby,send me your paypal addy info to send funds. My email is [email protected], thanks.
  6. NCHunter78
    NCHunter78 vactor
    Small Sebenza 21 Insingo with Black Micarta Inlays -- are you the original owner? has it the edge by re-sharpened or reprofiled at all?
  7. SAK Guy
    SAK Guy joeradza
    Sorry bud, I had no idea you were looking at it. I have one to carry and one to collect so I'm done with the pattern (if that's any comfort) This one has GEC level 9 springs...the suckers would support a Buick and if they get to be too much for me....I'll let you know! You're first in line.
    1. joeradza
      No problem. I have way too many anyway. That Jack knife pattern is really perfect.
      Apr 24, 2017 at 9:02 PM
  8. sopor-spelare
    sopor-spelare oneriver
    Hey, is the damadashi still up for sale?
  9. UfoTofU
    UfoTofU ganagati
    Would $300 via PayPal f&f work for you?
    1. ganagati
      Shoot me an email - [email protected]
      Apr 24, 2017 at 8:07 PM
      UfoTofU likes this.
  10. maga1996
    maga1996 csskrillz05
    il cover the shipping costs if you meet in the middle and do $200
  11. HabanoJim
    HabanoJim kdcorp
    Hello, I was wondering if the Burger EXK1 was still available?
  12. csskrillz05
    csskrillz05 maga1996
    $190 for the 940-1 ?
  13. kent_michaels
    kent_michaels bloody_pawprint
    If you are interested in a waved endura 4 towards a trade on one of the PM2 please email me at [email protected]

  14. Rslifka007
    Rslifka007 fordmn1966
    Hello fordmn1966, Can you please tell me the selling price of the Old Pivot, no LBS Umnumzaan that you purchased from kennywoo? I've asked kennywoo but he hasn't replied. Many thanks, Richard...
    1. fordmn1966 likes this.
    2. fordmn1966
      $405. I hate when they delete the prices. I wanted to know how much that regular went for today as well. I personally consider that a pretty good price. Especially for a like new one.
      Apr 24, 2017 at 11:09 PM
  15. t.willy
    t.willy 2Dead
    Hi I see you collect gec #92s I got a JBF Eureka Jack SFO Bill made last year out of the parts left from the 2013 run for Mike. Only 15 of these were made. But you probably know that lol. My email is [email protected] if your interested. Thanks. Trevor
  16. t.willy
    t.willy Kperla
    I see you collect 92s I have one of the box set JBF Eureka Jacks Bill made for mike last year out of the parts from the 2013 run. There was only 15 of this knife made. But you probably already know that lol. If your interested my email is [email protected] thanks
  17. zombieassassin
    zombieassassin Cteve
    Hi. Email me about the NMFSH. Email is [email protected]
  18. scottc3
    scottc3 Trucido
    found your pp on your profile posts to another buyer-
  19. scottc3
    scottc3 Trucido
    hi Trucido, I need your pp 4 Hidden Canyon.
  20. toal299
    toal299 Tombo 65
    Here's your tracking #