Due to Mick Strider's utterly unprofessional conduct by insulting me, this site,
and the members here I am closing this forum.

Strider Knives has been provided a free service for several years, which they
and their dealers used to promote their product line. Strider Knives has not
been asked to provide any monetary or product compensation for this service.

In return for my providing this, I have had my business slandered, my sexuality
questioned, my integrity attacked, and in general have been repeatedly stabbed
in the back by various members of the Strider staff and their friends /

Any issues that they had with this service could have been resolved with a
minimal of effort and communication on their part. Instead of this, the Strider
guys have chosen the low road. Rather than resolve any problems, Mick seems eager to flame and run.

I regret that Strider Knives has chosen this path, but we will not travel with
them. I wish them the best of luck on their future efforts.