Welcome to the Community Forum at Bladeforums.com!

Here are a few simple guidelines to help you along if you are having trouble determining what forum a topic should be posted in and what does not belong in the Community Forum. If you have any questions regarding a topic you wish to post or unsure about where to post a thread please feel free to email or send me a PM to the moderators. We will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Gadgets & Gear: Threads regarding any object that is not a knife, such as guns, gun related articles, shoes, flashlights, backpacks, spoons, cars, motorcycles, etc. belong in this forum. This includes discussion of same.

Service & Support Forum: This is where you ask questions regarding problems with passwords, usernames, logging into BFC, or general questions about forum usage.

Multi-tool & Multi-purpose Knives Forum: Any threads with questions about mutli-tools or discussion of them belongs here.

Whine & Cheese: Threads that contain off beat humor, sexual content, blood and guts, dirty jokes, tits and ass, general ranting, or anything not PG-13 belongs in this forum. This includes the blatant use of foul language.

Political Arena: Threads regarding politics or with political under or overtones or political satire or have the potential to get political belong here. Threads regarding religion will be moved here as well.

Blade Discussion Forum: General questions or topics pertaining to knives go in here.

Practical Tactical: Threads regarding use of tactics involved with guns, knives,
home defense and the like will be moved to this forum.

Wilderness & Survival Skills: All aspects of Survival skills, technique, environment and gear are open for discussion. Learn, teach, share.

Current Events: Your place to discuss current events in the news. This pertains to local news stories, country-wide stories, and overseas stories. This forum is not for political discussion!!!

Pirates Cove (Gold Members and above only): Anything that is to harsh for W&C goes here.

The Good, Bad, & Ugly: This is your area to tell about your experiences (Good or Bad) with dealers, sellers, and individuals you've bought, sold, and traded with. If you have any reservations about a particular dealer/maker you can inquire about them here. You can also ask about contact info on makers as well.

This is just a simple guideline that should help you determine where threads should go in some of the more popular forums here in BFC Of course, the moderators will move a thread if they feel it should warrant it.

The Don’t Do It List

Do not discuss knives in this forum!!! Show info and get-togethers threads are permited.

Do not post links to threads from Whine & Cheese and The Pirates Cove in the Community Forum or any other forum outside of these two.

Do not use foul or offensive language. This includes abbreviations or acronyms.

Do not copy paste your forwarded chain emails, articles, videos YOU think everyone wants to see, or jokes into the Community Center Forum. We don't like to get them in our inboxes and we sure don't want to read them on BFC. If you feel the need to pass it along send it to your family.

Do not use the jerk-it smilie in Community. It is a sure way to get your thread moved to W&C or The Cove.

Do not post “Link & Run” threads. Either have an opinion on the topic you posted about or don’t post it.

Do not hassle the moderators of the forum if they move, edit, or close your thread.

Do not post threads that clearly do not belong in Community and continue to do so after you have been warned.

Do not insult or berate other members of the forum.

Do not post SPAM. This is my pet peeve. Post anything of the sort and you will lose your privileges on BFC.

BFC now has an infraction system in place. Failure to follow the rules set by BFC Admin. Spark and the rules that apply to the Community Forum will result in an infraction being given. Get enough of them and you'll wind up getting banned either temporarily or permanently. So watch what you say, where you say it, and who you say it to. Be mindful of the forum you are posting in.