Over the past few months we have seen an increase in spammers on BFC. This has resulted in a number of them being caught on a daily basis thanks to those who report them. However, while we mods do appreciate the reports we have two simple things to ask of you.

1. Do not reply to an obvious spam post or thread. Simply report it by clicking the button at the top right (now at the bottom left) of the post. You have to do nothing else. Letting the spammer know you've reported him is counter-productive and there is the possibility that he'll get in a few more posts before we can ban him making clean up more difficult. You can tell if a thread has been reported already by the "red card" on the right side of the post.

2. If you do happen to respond to the spammer DO NOT QUOTE HIM!!! That's more cleanup we have to do.

So please help us help you by helping us.


The BFC Moderator Team.