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  1. Safe Queens of the Stone Age

    At almost every point in recorded history you can find archaeological examples (or evidence) of functional weaponry that was made with precious metals and gems, as well as beautiful engraving and details that took hundreds of hours to create. These were the expensive customs and 'safe queens' of their time, and a lot of them survived because of it... i.e. the safe queens ended up in the queen's safe. The reasons they were commissioned a thousand years ago are basically the same reasons people seek ...

    Updated 05-23-2015 at 03:50 AM by Sikael

  2. Things I Learned on Bladeforums: Knives Aren't Dangerous

    (Warning: Contains swearing and stupidity.)

    After a bit of half-assed scrolling and clicking on bladeforums, which I will call 'research', I've learned that it's virtually impossible to kill people or animals with a knife. OR -- murdering things with a knife can only be accomplished after years of training in ancient bladecraft techniques, with 13th degree black belts in kenpo, aikido, kung fu, ninjutsu and Sudoku. Presumably I'd be so deadly at that point I could cut a man in two with ...

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  3. Hope and Futility: The Future of Knives in Canada

    With a title like that, I might scare off all potential readers. But I think the pretentious Russian-novel-vibe is appropriate for considering the future of knives in Canada, especially given the state of knife legislation in our two closest allies, the USA and the UK. It seems to me that the situation is damn near apocalyptic for British knife-makers and knife-aficionados, with heavy new restrictions on anything deadlier than a butter-knife. Things took an equally dire turn in New York, as well, ...
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  4. YouTube Reviewers

    A few reviewers have been very influential on my knife purchases at times, but like a lot of people on here, I do my own research; Youtube is a big part of that, but it's never been the only source, as far as I can remember.
    The Apostle P's review of the Benchmade 761, however, stopped me dead in my tracks, seconds before handing my money to the metaphorical cashier. I was very impressed by the 761's sleek appearance, and even the tip-down clip didn't bother me. I couldn't think of anything ...

    Updated 05-19-2015 at 07:22 AM by Sikael

  5. A 940 on Steroids: The Contego

    Part of Benchmade's 'Black Class', along with the Adamas, Serum, and Infidel OTF (among others), the Contego represents a clear commitment to producing a purely 'tactical' blade, a ferocious looking not-so-little fucker that has no aspirations to becoming an EDC utility knife. With a 4" blade of premium CPM M4 steel and an aggressive reverse tanto profile that has become synonymous with Warren Osborne's designs, this is an intimidating piece of hardware best not introduced in public. It's like ...
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