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  1. Start...

    Im registring at this forum and write a couple posts.
    Sorry> my english is bad.
  2. untitled

    I'm curious about this. If you post something in one thread and then quote what you posted in another thread are you quoting yourself or just repeating yourself?

    There's been several posts lately about noise and if noise is noise if it's not heard? Which delves into the quantum that perception of reality makes reality.
    If one can't hear it, then no noise occured. So if one can't see it then it's invisible. On and on. Then how can I be saying any of this since I don't speak? ...
  3. Wednesday Commentary

    Wednesday Commentary

    1. An expression of opinions or offering of explanations explanations about an event or situation.
    "an editorial commentary"
    2. A descriptive spoken account (especially on a broadcast) of an event or performance as it happens.
    synonyms:narration,*description,*account,*report,* review

    As a person without speech I tend to be fascinated with the human voice especially a voice that sings as music can ...
  4. Long December

    A song by the Counting Crows but how aprapos.
    I went with Maria to a funeral this past Saturday of a dear friend. He was 48. Some time back he got hurt at his job. A recently erected wall from another company colapses on the work site and when the dust cleared he couldn't walk. He was in a wheelchair the past 20 years. But his spirit and his passion for life were indominatable. He was a very good person and he will be missed.
    At the reception after the memorial they played a slide ...
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