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  1. All in a Day's Work

    Well, I feel that a need for a daily/weekly journal is an appropriate necessity with my works now, as more and more knives are being made. Most people on BF only get to see what is being posted on the site, and not everything that's being made on a daily basis. So I figured why not show everyone who wants to check it out, a mix of past to present, along with some of my WIP's to boot.

    Charles Roddenberry
  2. Pohan Leu Bluephin

    Finally placing an order for my custom Bluephin Flipper! After some emails and great comversations with Po I decided on the details of my Bluephin! Im going with 3.5in blade with his custom grind, copper bolster,carbon fiber handle scales, copper backspacer, and a custom copper clip! Check back in 6 months for pics!!
  3. I Support Emerson Knives Membership Requirements

    Prospective members,

    Thank you for your interest in our group. We have a set of minimum requirements you must meet prior to becoming a member of our group. Once you meet these requirements either PM me it email me at with the member number you want and I will add you to the list. Once you are a member you will be allowed to put your ISEK member number in your signature line.


    1. Open to all members of any membership ...
  4. Rust Prevention - Best of the Best Products for your steel

    Over the years I've owned enough steel to know that some of the best blades are made from highly water-sensitive materials.
    Pretty much any high-carbon steel and many alloys are subject to some if not a lot of rust when exposed to fresh or salt water.
    Skin oil can even be a corrosive.
    Personally I like to have rust free steel, so I've spent a long number of hours researching various oils, coverings, and other inhibitors to keep the steel I have in new condition, and help protect ...
  5. 1st Main Production Run Underway

    I just picked up 119 blanks from waterjet today.
    They got all by 7 pieces perfect with 6 being slightly scored along one edge and one being lost in the waterjet machinery. Not sure how you can lose a 10" knife, but they did, and discounted my order accordingly.

    I've got a show in Spokane this weekend and the Spokane Expo and trade center through The Lewis Clark promoters. Saturday and Sunday.

    I'll be grinding and heat treating from now till Friday evening ...
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