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  1. the long wait for knives in the mail.....

    I'm laying here with a stunning girl (a model-no shit!) and all I can think about is the knifes I have on the way to me in the mail!? Is this normal?? I'm usually such a stud
    but seriously,all I can think about are the 3 microtech's & (I hope to god it happens!!) a busse!! 👌
    I got the knife bug back and I got a mutated case of bladiritus.......wonder if this will freak her out ..........
    I'm out!! (Before she reads this & I'll be in the dog house)
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  2. Wavester64 on Youtube

    Been on YouTube for 8-years now but finally just started doing videos, and of course they are mainly knife reviews.

    Not as fancy as some of the ones already out there, but you gotta start somewhere.

    Here's the page:

    Like my page and subscribe and let me know what you think of my videos :-)

  3. Of Dogs and Knives

    Recently, my shepherd, Scout, has been in bad health. Two times during the past week I thought we were going to have to put him down. Some of you may know I've been a professional dog trainer, and since I have no children, the past twelve years has been working on him. He is my masterpiece. He is my son. This week has been hard, but he seems to be improving. But it made me think of the future and how time is a thief. I had to do a little writing. I hope you will indulge me with what I wrote. ...
  4. The Conversation

    This holiday season has been an interesting time for me in more ways than I could begin to go into. But members here on the Traditionals sub-forum have had an influence. From Carl's stories to the things I've learned here and the fine knives I've been turned on to. Reflecting on everything, looking at new acquisitions, and reading some of Carl's writing, I felt I needed to put something down myself. I don't claim to be a story teller or a writer by any means, but here's what came out.
  5. A land of familiarity.

    by , 01-02-2015 at 08:51 PM (mqqn's blog at the Blade Forums.)
    I have noticed in my travels all across this great continent of North America that everything is the same, but different in small, fairly insignificant ways.

    In most urban locales, distance can be measured in Wendys or Taco Bells. "Go down this road to the second Taco Bell, then turn right. Follow that road to the CVS, and turn left, toward the Wendys. You'll pass the KFC. There is a WalMart on the right side just before your destination".

    Anywhere I go, ...

    Updated 01-03-2015 at 03:22 PM by mqqn

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