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  1. Rust Prevention - Best of the Best Products for your steel

    Over the years I've owned enough steel to know that some of the best blades are made from highly water-sensitive materials.
    Pretty much any high-carbon steel and many alloys are subject to some if not a lot of rust when exposed to fresh or salt water.
    Skin oil can even be a corrosive.
    Personally I like to have rust free steel, so I've spent a long number of hours researching various oils, coverings, and other inhibitors to keep the steel I have in new condition, and help protect ...
  2. 1st Main Production Run Underway

    I just picked up 119 blanks from waterjet today.
    They got all by 7 pieces perfect with 6 being slightly scored along one edge and one being lost in the waterjet machinery. Not sure how you can lose a 10" knife, but they did, and discounted my order accordingly.

    I've got a show in Spokane this weekend and the Spokane Expo and trade center through The Lewis Clark promoters. Saturday and Sunday.

    I'll be grinding and heat treating from now till Friday evening ...
  3. Mr. Boy Band

    I work with a girl who wears too much eyeshadow. I've noticed lots of girls wearing shadow like that...not just eyeshadow, but makeup. I'm not a big fan of makeup myself...I guess a little foundation isn't too bad, lipstick can be sexy...but for the most part, makeup just annoys the hell out of me

    Girls complain too much that they can't find nice guys,....of course when you wear makeup like that, and clothes that look like they came from a music video...what do you expect? I mean...let ...
  4. Winter's Death

    (Note... this was from a spoken word techno song written by a guy I met at Ft Campbell.

    Reason I'm posting is my divorce is final tomorrow.)

    Winter's death is what I call that loss of something good.

    So I'm guessing you've decided not to talk to me now.
    I know you've had time to read the e-mail, and I know you've been online, but you've ignored even my greetings. "You don't want to get lawyers," she said, "that's when it gets ugly." ...
  5. About Libra Knives

    Our initial offering is the 12"and 10" sized throwing knives.
    These are an original design that we've had tucked away in a scrap book since 1989.
    Based on a combination of design requirements, throwing experience, and visual aesthetics,
    we've created what may be the best throwing knife you'll ever own.

    So what makes these knives different from the many other throwing knifes you'll find?

    1. Steel
    Steel is first and foremost ...
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