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  1. Libre Blender

  2. About libre fighting


    Libre Knife Fighting is a direct and aggressive street-based discipline, designed to break through an opponents defense using as array of feints, footwork, body angling, checks, locks, and clearing motions.

    Our knife training is unique, in that it is one of the few disciplines where the practitioner learns the art of attacking with the blade, rather ...
  3. What diet ????

    My Scrogges custom boot dagger whit me during breakfast. Chilaquieles en mole whit two eggs on top and a big cup of De la Hoya coffee; mighty fine meal.

    We Mexicans don know the meaning of cholesterol. If you have never had De la Hoya coffee you are missing out. If anyone ever drops by Baja I will be glad to take you to the best place for breakfast.
  4. Itís not a purse it's a satchel

    Itís not a purse it's a satchel. My new Pierre Cardin man bag. It makes carrying around a lot of my stuff much more
    simple, it even fits my gun

    Personal Stuff
  5. A few images

    Well Iím going to use this space to post some of the thing I see every day down here in Mexico. I will star whit a few pictures.

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