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  1. Stoy's Avatar
    Always need something, except another trip to Tandy's. lol ! I used to get most of my hides from the HIDE HOUSE in San Dimas, Ca. very near my brothers house in Riverside Ca. But since that location has closed and the next closest is in Marin County (San Francisco area), I've been forced to buy from Tandy"s or to ship leather in. This is taken money away and cutting into my already small profits. Maybe if you can hook me up with some 5-6 oz. Latigo we could do biz. Thanks, Stoy
  2. infocus2006's Avatar
    Nice stuff!!! You ever made any sheaths for Busses or Swamp Rat knives? If so, a friend and I might be interested in a few sheaths. Let me know.
    Really nice work though...