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  1. What cost freedom ?

    In the aftermath of the Army Staff Sargent's killing spree in Afghanistan a lot of armchair quarterbacks are flapping their gums.

    These guys are facing a situation that is incredibly, incredibly stressful. Literally, it's like walking around with a bullseye on your back. Everytime you climb into a Gun truck or MRAP or Stryker or go outside the wire on foot you feel like a thousand eyes are on you.

    Hell even the FOBBIT's that stay inside the wire all the time, never ...
  2. Libre Blender

  3. Merlin aka Don Hall

    First some of his work. These pictures are from If you have a few minutes take a look at his amazing knives!

    I stumbled onto Merlin (Don Hall) shortly after I found Burn (Paul Panak). Paul credits Don with helping him learn to make Italian style stiletto's ( ...
  4. Sheaths & Holsters

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  5. Paul Panak aka Burn Knives Influences

    Paul Panak was one of the guys I found early on. Owning one of his knives was a dream for my future (way, way in my future). It happened sooner than I expected. Here's a pic from Paul's site of a sweet Italian style stiletto. I own a very similar knife.

    (more pics of this 9 inch stag handle stiletto:

    Now to the ...

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