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  1. How to ...

    Sent messages

    Sending PMs but not saving your copies?

    Go to Settings (upper right) then to My Settings (left side of page) then General Settings and down on the left to General Settings, where you will find Private Messaging.
    The last entry in this section is Sent Private Messages:

    _ Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default
    _ Don't save a copy of sent messages
    When sending private messages the forum can make ...
  2. Frequent violations

    Auction / Deal / Bargain Spotting

    You are not allowed to direct sales to a source which is not a paid Bladeforums dealer. Amazon and eBay are not on the list.***

    This is a variation of the "no spam" rules that we have. We know you found
  3. A. G. Russell, his Blog

    Please tell me what this is all about. What am I permitted to say in these posts? As a Dealer Member, can I post here about new products? Political views?

    What are Contacts?

    I do not think that I have ever seen a blog, where do they appear?

    A. G.
  4. My Becker Pictures

  5. News Knife Makers´Show 2013

    Yesterday I was at a event in solingen.
    I drive in rain and sun will come later.
    in the garden of the museum of blade were many people from many countries.
    in the building were the knivmaker, here pictures of the beautiful work.
    here the link :

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