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  2. Kydex and blade finish....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Blade finish has been somewhat problematic. One spends a fair bit of time polishing out the scratches to turn out a good product and then you run into the problem of the sheath material, kydex in this case, putting scratches into the finish. Somewhat irritating. Now, the knives I put out are meant to be used and I anticipate the customer will put their fair bit of scratches on the blade before too long. This isn't meant as a justification for shoddy work, just ...
  3. Chisel ground duo....

    Continuing with the previous posts theme of chisel grinds, here are two more knives. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	310396 The top is a drop point with a small swedge ground, the bottom is a clip point that I made up just playing around trying to do an East meets West thing. Both knives are around 8" oal, 1/8 O1 and when finished will have canvas micarta scales and a kydex sheath. If interested or if you just want to drop me a line, visit my business Facebook page: Beach Cities Ironworks, ...
  4. Dirks in Progress.....

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    So I realize chisel grinds might not be everybody's cup of tea however I think in this application they may work. These are two I've made up for a friend who only knew that he wanted something in the boot dagger, dirk, skean dhu neighborhood. In building things and in solving problems I would like to think that function takes precedence over other considerations. I like things that work, are purposeful, and have an elegant simplicity to them, e.g. geodesic domes, ...

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  5. Best laid plans of mice and men.....

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    This one is funny in that it is part of the continuing education and evolution of knifemaking for me. In the process of coming up with a pattern for a knife, I will normally sketch it out on paper and then transfer it onto a cardboard so as to have a better idea of how it will feel in the hand. In the past, I've even gone so far as to render it in wood. I digress, this knife started out as some dirk. I had already gone so far as to heat treat and grind the ...