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  3. Rpw knives x-46 knife giveaway

    WIN A FREE X-46!!!!!! To enter into a chance to win a free X-46 knife all you have to do is like us or share us on facebook. Visit our facebook page, click on the X-46 giveaway knife, like or share our page, leave a comment and be entered into the drawing for a chance to win a 7", X-46 Tanto blade with serrations, & sheath. This is an incredible knife, and is a $525 value!!! Don't wait enter now!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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  4. FDCam Reviews: The CRKT M16-14Z Emergency Rescue

    Here's the link to the review on our blog. We review knives, rescue tools, flashlights and other gear related to the fire service.

    Even tough we sell these tools, we pull no punches in our reviews. We want to build a loyal customer base, and we find that informed customers make better choices and are happier with their purchases.

    If you have a knife you would like to ...

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  5. Average guy...above average toys

    OK, so I am a pretty average guy. I am a father and husband, I work at a typical job and drive a typical 8 year old vehicle. I love life, and a big part of loving life (for me) has everything to do with having what I need when it is needed...and you never know what that might be....

    Some guys carry a pack or man-purse packed with all sorts of necessities...and truth told, I have a pack that stays in my truck that has all sorts of stuff that I probably would never think of in a real ...