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  1. If You Happen To Be In Salida...(Smoke and Steel)

    Had some business to take care of in Pueblo, CO
    Decided to take the long way back to Conejos County
    The road from Canon City to Salida was very scenic
    The road follows the Arkansas River

    I finally got a chance to visit my DREAM retail establishment
    Salida Cutlery & Smoke Shop

  2. "To Get" List

    Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker
    Tops Knives HAKET Tactical
    Cold Steel Cutlass Machete
    Cold Steel Magnum Kukri Machete
    Cold Steel Bushman
    Cold Steel Bushman Bowie
    Cold Steel Viking Axe
    Cold Steel Norse Hawk
    Cold Steel Grosse Messer
    Cold Steel Viking Sword
    SOG Jungle Primitive
    SOG SEAL Pup
    SOG Double Headed Tactical Tomahawk
    KaBar Kukri
    KaBar Becker BK-9
    KaBar Becker BK-2
    KaBar USMC Fighting Knife
    KaBar ...

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  3. Blade Collection

    Musashi Hand Honed Katana (#SS676, named: "Lilith")
    Musashi Wakizashi
    Cold Steel Barong Machete
    Cold Steel Sax Machete
    Cold Steel Two Handed Kukri Machete
    Cold Steel Two Handed Katana Machete (named: "Vampyr")
    Cold Steel Trench Hawk
    Cold Steel Leatherneck SF (SK5 version)
    Cold Steel GI Tanto
    Cold Steel Shanghai Shadow
    Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel
    Cold Steel Gladius Machete
    Cold Steel Kopis ...

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  4. Camillus Warranty is NFG! Being it's no longer the same company just an FYI

    Camillus Warranty is NFG since they been acquired by Acme United co.
  5. Who are the Bladeforums Paid Dealers?
    Updated as often as possible, if you are not on this list and should be please send me a message or email and i'll get you added. This list is specifically for folks that have the 1 year membership level.

    Updated 07-19-2014 at 11:57 AM by RevDevil

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