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About libre fighting

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Libre Knife Fighting is a direct and aggressive street-based discipline, designed to break through an opponents defense using as array of feints, footwork, body angling, checks, locks, and clearing motions.

Our knife training is unique, in that it is one of the few disciplines where the practitioner learns the art of attacking with the blade, rather than waiting to respond to a bladed attack. We believe that waiting for an aggressor to actually take a slash at you in tantamount to waiting for someone with a gun to pull the trigger. If someone is threatening you with a blade, and is close enough to cut you, you should be attacking.

Knife fighting is a dangerous and unforgiving endeavor that no one in his or her right mind would ever engage in willingly. Even those who are adept in the use of the blade may emerge victorious and still sustain life-ending injuries in an actual knife fight. That being said, cultivating skill with the blade can greatly increase your odds for survival should you ever have to engage in knife combat.

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    cool little read edwood. thanks