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Angle Change on Guided Sharpeners

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It often comes up that on guided sharpeners, the angle changes as you move down the blade, even on the straight portion of the blade. While this seems true (as the distance in a triangle changes the angle HAS to change, right?), it actually doesn't occur. The reason is the wrong angle is being looked at. If you look at this picture...

... the angle you associate with the "change" is looking down at the sharpener... but the actual angle is the relationship between the edge of the knife and the stone, as you sight along the edge, that DOESN'T change.

More information can be found in these threads:

However, note that the angle DOES change as you leave the straight portion of a knife, and move around the belly toward the tip... as seen in this picture...

(From the Wicked Edge website)

This applies to any of the guided sharpeners... Edge Pro, KME, Wicked Edge, etc.

One thing to take away from this, when you set a knife on a guided sharpener, especially one that clamps, you want to primarily set the knife based on how the stone angle changes in the belly/tip area. One common mistake made is to "center" the knife, thinking this will be the most accurate position.

(BTW, I didn't believe this either, which is why I set up the example in the first picture... and when the light bulb finally came on).

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