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The devil made me do it!

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I was shocked to discover that I am not the only one around here with good ideas! Members like RevDevil also post advice in a blog, and I'm going to link to other advice in this blog entry. I hope I don't get dinged for blog-spotting.

RevDevil's blog entries

How To: Trade Knives and Gear Successfully

There is nothing like a deal gone wrong to help lessen your desire to trade knives or other gear. The purpose of this entry is to serve as a type of framework that will increase the chances of satisfaction of both parties involved.

Tip for Forum Newbies

Welcome to Bladeforums. If you are new to forums in general or just new to this one, the following entry was written to assist you in getting accustomed to the environement here at Bladeforums.

How do I leave feedback for a deal I made on Bladeforums?

For those unfamiliar with the system in place (iTrader), feedback is available to rate your transaction.

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