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Thread: Advice on a new Seb

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    Advice on a new Seb

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    I recently purchased my first CRK, a small Seb 21 Insingo, which has yet to arrive. I purchased more as an EDC that I will be able to carry with me at work (office enviornment) as well as the weekend. I was carrying a Para 2 but was restricted from carrying at work due to it's size.

    I was torn between the small and large seb for fear of the small being too small. With some advice, I did go with the small.

    However an opportunity to purchase a brand new plain Large Sebenza 21 from an seller on eBay with a second chance offer. He states he won it at a shooting competition, comes complete with box, birth card, etc.. and it was from dealer Monkey's Edge. I can grab this for just $355, which sounds like a great deal.

    Should I jump on it or do you think that I will be just happy with the small seb insingo? Any advice/input would be very helpful!

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    Go for it. You will end up getting a large at some point anyways. Large plain jane 21 and small insingo is a pretty unbeatable pair. You won't be unhappy.

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    While I think you will be happy with your small, it always nice to have the 2 sizes in hand to compare, as well as getting more knives. At some time you will probably own a large, so why not now.

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    What a bunch of enablers

    Go for it!

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    So I was just about to purchase but seeing pics of the Zaan keep me from making the final jump!

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    hah, i started small, then went umnumzaan, didn't get a large till last. Get the Umnumzaan after the small!

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    Large, small, Umnumzaan, Mnandi, you should be set...won't stop you from buying more, but you should be set.

    ...why I never consider the TiLock or the fixed blades, i'll never know, maybe it's the wallet

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    I say do!

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    Get the Umnumzaan instead of the Large 21 or wait for the 25 to come out and get that instead of the Large 21.

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    I just received my small sebenza 21 over the weekend and I can say I'm very satisfied with the size. It's a great EDC that I can easily carry on the weekends or at my office. I don't picture myself really needing an EDC bigger than this besides a few occasions. I'm going to go with the Umnymzaan for those few occasions!

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    Congrats! I'm sure you'll love yours as much as I like mine.

    I agree with your thinking. If I routinely need for a knife bigger than the small, then I'll be looking at the Umnumzaan. (Or, heavens forbid, I could use one of my three ~4" knives that sit at home because they're too big.) And if I want a small knife with a more traditional blade to compliment my utility Insingo, then I'm likely to look at the Mnandi than the standard small Sebenza. (I'm an accumulator, not a collector.)

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