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Thread: Where are the KC trough pics???

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    The ASH is sweet , is is tick 32 ?

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    Didn't have a caliper, but they looked to be .32 and yes they were sweet.

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    The blue one was .317" thick
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    I love it

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    The tequila one is right at .32"
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    Nice pics of the knives, but where's the pics of the Busse Ladies??!!? I would rather look at a picture of Lexi than Josh!............/......

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    My first time to KC and the best way I can decribe it is it's like something you'd see off a national geographic eposoide of a piranna feeding frenzy! And that's NO JOKE!!! Everything infi was gone in minutes but seemed like seconds cause I was at the back of the line. Great time and it was awesome to meet the busse crew and to get to hangout and drink some brews with the HOGS and being able to put some faces with names. Looking forward to the next one.

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    Thanks for sharing. How about more pics with Busse gals.

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    The best photos are on Ebay right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z51 View Post
    The best photos are on Ebay right now.
    Busse girls signed photos?!? Knew I should have gone!!!

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