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Thread: Sell my 0301 for a 0550?

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    Sell my 0301 for a 0550?

    I'm trying to decide weather or not to sell my 0301 for an 0550. The only thing that's making me want to hang on the the 301 is I think I read somewhere that ZT is going to discontinue it eventually, I could be wrong though. I really like the looks of the 0550 and the fact that it's not a recurve blade.

    How do the two stack up? What would you do?

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    Even if they eventually discontinue the 0301, I think there's enough floating around out there to keep most of us stocked for a very long time to come. I think you'll have plenty of opportunity to replace the 0301 if wanted, OR just save up for the 0550 and have both!

    Edit: What would I do? Have both!

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    I will back that, get the 550 but don't sell the 301.

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    I think the 550 is better in every way. It's lighter, it's manual, and has no recurve. It's also WAY cheaper. You can get them for about $150

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    If you feel that the 301 is not for you, sell it to get the 550. If you plan on getting a 301 to replace the one you will be selling to purchase the 550, don't.

    I recently gifted a knife from my collection to a dear friend because they liked it alot. Right now, I can't even find a online retailer that has it in stock.

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    Keep the 301 and save for the 550. 301 is a good blade

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    The 550 is cool, but I skipped it over entirely for a 0560.

    But if you're into smaller knives and you really don't have a use for the 0301, why not? If you really find it hard to like the knife, don't worry about keeping it - get the knife you really want.

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    It's not that I don't have a use for the 0301 I really just like the looks of the 0550 and also that it's a manual. Nothing wrong with the speed safe though because I have a blur and like it on that knife. Another plus of the 550 is the blade steel...I forgot that it was S35VN as opposed to the S30V of the 301

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    Both. Definitely.

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    You will be sorry if you sell the 301. I alway have been. I have one now and it is staying here!

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    I say make a trade for a 550 or 551 if you can find one. If you can only have one i say the 550 over a 301.

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    First I say, get both.

    But if some force is stopping you from having both knives, I like the 0301 better. I like a/o, and I really like the flipper. The thing is a beautiful beast.

    The 0550 is a good knife too, but just spend $150 and own both of them.

    Ive learned its a bad idea to sell a gun, you will miss it. I think its a bad idea to sell an awesome knife, you will miss it.

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    I've got a 0301 and two 0551's, and could not bear to get rid of the 0301 for one of them. It is a unique knife.

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