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Thread: Spyderco Para2 Orange XHP Sprint and ZT350 for trade

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    Spyderco Para2 Orange XHP Sprint and ZT350 for trade

    The Spyderco is new it's been handled but has never been used or carried
    The ZT has been carried maybe 5 times and I cut some para cord and it's been stropped however it looks new

    I would like a ESEE model 3 or similar quality knife with a plan edge that is in like new condition for trade on the ZT350 I am going to use it as a skinner so plan edges only 3to 4in blade would be idea
    If you have a user that is in good condition maybe a higher end brand let me know I would like a even trade but you never know

    I am also interested in a Strider SJ75

    On the Spyderco I am not really wanting to trade it but I put it up just in case the right deal comes up. If I were to trade for the ESEE 3 or Similar it obviously will not be straight up.

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    Email sent on the ZT 0350.

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    Email sent

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    Email sent on the para 2

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    Email on the paramilitary

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    The ZT is pending on a trade with JSMcustoms on a RC3 but the Para2 is still around

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    email sent

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    I'll take the para2 per our emails

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