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Thread: Herbs anyone.

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    Herbs anyone.

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    I've been eating wild etibles for quite awhile now and would like to take my learning and experience to the next level by learning how to use herbs & wild plants to produce tinctures, medicinal teas, ointments, infusions, poultices, and decoctions.

    I'm open to members here, resources, classes, coaches, books or whatever to get me started on this new journey. Rather than buy every book on the subject thru Amazon I'd rather have you all directed me to the critical resources I need to be safe and successful. I'm confident there are several members here who can point me in the right direction.

    Sorry guys thought I posted this in the skills section. Move as necessary and accept my sincere apology.
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    Arthur Haines is very knowledgable and accessable. There are vids by him on youtube also.
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    I think 'herb' is stil illegal to grow. Bummer dude
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