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Thread: ZT 0560, 0350, Kershaw, SAK---PRICES DROPPED!

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    ZT 0560, 0350, Kershaw, SAK---PRICES DROPPED!

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    Hey guys, I have a Strider coming my way and need to clear some knives for funds.

    1. Kershaw Skyline. This is US made. 14C28n steel. It's in great condition. Some scratches shown in the pics. I recieved this in a trade. Previous owner gimped on the backspacer and where the thumb rests. It's got a really nice edge on it. w/ box $33>$30


    2. Victorinox Ranger Red. I have never used this. It came with me in my backpack from time to time, so plactic shows a little wear. I've never used the toold. Some of them still have oil from the factory on them. 20 tools total. W/ box $30


    3. ZT0560. Comes with Box. This is a great knife. I would keep it if I didn't need the money. I've only carried it once. It has a few scratches near the tip of the blade (see pic) that are only really visible when light hits that spot. The stonewash blends them in quite well. It's been resharpened, cuts paper fine. Lockup is about 45%. $200>$[COLOR="#FF0000"]195SPF
    see pics below

    4. ZT0350. Comes with box. Got this in a trade. It's nice. Has a tiny bit of wear on the coating down near the cutting edge and up near the KAI logo. I've never carried it. The previous owner did a bit. SOLID lockup and action. The previous owner used this knife with the pivot a tad too loose, so the scale scratched the blade just a tiny bit. Can be tightened though. Wicked strong *fwack* when opening it. $100>$95>$90>SOLD

    see pics below

    If you're interested, first "I'll take it" on this thread or over email gets it. I don't do PMs as I never get to them. Paypal, CONUS.

    email is: jacobwilson at me dot com

    Thanks guys!
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    I will be at work until 3pm PST. So, fight over these until I get back to sort things out.

    Thanks guys!

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    I really need to sell these. Send me your offers and what not.
    Prices dropped.

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    Can you post pics of the gimping on the skyline?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stebolicious View Post
    Can you post pics of the gimping on the skyline?
    My bad. Here:

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    Email sent on the 560.

    I will take it per our agreement.
    10/28/12: Payment made.
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    ZT0560 is SPF to Rob.

    Price drop for ZT0350. $90

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    please lmk if you still have the skyline

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    Quote Originally Posted by flipstlye253 View Post
    please lmk if you still have the skyline
    I still have it. Email me: jacobwilson at me dot com

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    Email sent Sir!

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    I'll let the 0350 go for $85 if anyone is interested still.

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    Email sent

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    Replied. SPF on the ZT.

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    payment sent.

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    0350 is Sold to Steve W

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