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Thread: Some XM-18 Upgrades and a pair of Paul Long sheaths!! *Lots of pictures*

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    Some XM-18 Upgrades and a pair of Paul Long sheaths!! *Lots of pictures*

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    I just got my one and only (for now) XM-18 back from Paul Long. Where it was getting fitted for a pair of sheaths, first a snap closure belt sheath for work, and then a sharkskin clipcase for special occasions, shorts and pj pants.

    I would like to thank Paul for a steller job and for getting it done so fast! I shipped my XM off to him on a Friday, and I had it back with sheaths by Thursday.
    I Highly recommend anyone that is in need of any kind of sheath look up Paul Long first and talk it over with him, top notch guy! He's on the forums under "Sheathmaker"

    But while it was away, for a whole week, I got in a few bags full of XM goodies!

    A Smooth Ti Beadblasted Scale
    A set of blue Ti standoffs
    A set of new style flat handle screws
    An abundance of clip/filler screws (Thanks again Rob!)
    A plain pocketclip filler tab

    So I thought I'd share with you a before and after and a few other pictures.

    Also, the Ti scale takes the XM to a whole new level!!

    And to the slew of pictures. Enjoy.

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    quite the upgrade
    really diggin your sharkskin clipcase!
    thanks for sharing

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    Looking good!
    Want to buy CRK Mnandis from 2011 and 2012

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    Looked fine before, looks even nicer now. I'm a fan of the Ti standoffs. Every one of my XMs is "upgraded" from SS to Ti standoffs.

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    That looks awesome. That Ti scale gives it a completely new look & personality...if knives have one.

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    That Smooth Ti Beadblasted Scale looks totally awesome, thanks now i know what i need for mine

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    Very nice that smooth bead blasted scale !

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    the whole set up looks amazing

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    Thanks for the comments guys and gal!

    Believe you me, that smooth Titanium scale really takes the XM to a whole new level, I got to carry and use it this weekend and it sure feels like more of a beast now, don't get me wrong, the g10 was nice, but I have never been a huge fan of g10, I love the feeling of all TI.

    Dare I say it feels more sturdy and bullet proof now.

    Also, I have never been a fan of pocketclip carry...too many times have I been up in an attic and it'll get caught on something and bent the clip out and fall into some knee deep insulation....taking me awhile to dig and dig to find my knife. Either that or while wearing coveralls or heavy gear in winter months, bending and contorting into various positions the knife will work it's way up and fall out, and I don't realize it until need the knife and it's in the bottom of my coveralls, luckily...

    The belt sheath is marvelous and the way to go!

    Loving the Blue TI standoffs, shaves some weight off and looks good while doing it, adds just the right amount of color to a solid gray knife.

    I am so glad I was able to try out a never really appealed to me, until I got one and started to carry it, such a beast of a knife.
    I will say this, if I were to get it at retail prices, that would be one HECK of a deal! Def. worth it even at the inflated prices...just as long as it stays below 4 figures...
    Now only if I could find me a custom ground at a decent price....

    That's my Sunday ramble.
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    Sorry to hijack your thread steeladdiction (felt maybe better than starting up a new thread)

    Would anyone happen to have a 3in non-flipper they wouldn't mind sending to Paul Long(BF:sheathmaker) in Texas for a few days to have it sized to a sheath? I'm currently overseas, and mailing internationally would be a bit of a hassle(and shipping costs are never fun). Fell in love with steeladdictions sheath and now want one for my own If anyone is near Mr Long, that be awesome, if not, then i don't mind pay-paling money to cover your shipping cost to him.

    Appreciate an email if you can help out.

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