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Thread: Strider TAD DUK 3.5 BLK, SLCC Wharncliffe 3V

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    Strider TAD DUK 3.5 BLK, SLCC Wharncliffe 3V

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    Mostly looking to trade one of these fixed blades for your PT Lego or CC + cash (depending on condition). I love these Striders, but I'm really more of a folder user. If I can't trade into a PT, I'm happy to move these fixed blades along to one of you guys who will get more use out of them!!

    Up for sale/trade are my NEW Strider TAD DUK 3.5 BLK and SLCC Wharncliffe 3V
    Please check either TAD or Monkey Edge website for more specs/details.
    Both are now SOLD OUT... and my prices are very reasonable.

    Asking $SPF 290 net shipped for Strider TAD DUK 3.5 BLK
    Asking $WITHDRAWN 270 net shipped for SLCC Wharncliffe 3V
    ConUS Only
    PayPal Gift or +4%

    ANY TRADE offers will receive priority - please PM me with what you have and pictures.
    My preference is for a stonewashed spear point blade, lock up must be solid!

    First "I'll take it" in the post gets priority to purchase if I don't get any desirable trade offers.
    Thanks for looking!

    I ship USPS w/ Delivery confirmation.

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    Email sent

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    I also have a Monkey Edge exclusive Strider SLCC Warrencliff in 3v for sale. $290 shipped. PM for details.

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    pm sent,
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