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Thread: Chris Reeve- GREEN BERET 7"or Chris Reeve - The Pacific

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    Chris Reeve- GREEN BERET 7"or Chris Reeve - The Pacific

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    Are these knives any good? I heard they are brittle.
    Can anyone vouch for them?

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    I have used both with out problems as have many people. I would personally be more concerned about the serrations and positioning of said serrations that render the most used part of the knife for fine work useless. That is a real complaint I have from actually using the knife and not related to what I heard on "teh interwebs" about some guy breaking one knife with a hammer.

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    The knife was designed for a specific purpose, that purpose is specific for a cutting tool and it is mentioned as such in CRK DVD (if I am not mistaken). It is also meant for survival. There is no clear definition for survival use of a knife. Latest trends are apparent, those trends indicate it has to pry/baton etc. However, history has shown that survival can be done with a small knife as well.

    Strength, toughness, edge retention (wear resistance), edge stability, corrosion resistance and price. Pick three (or two), you cant have them all (cant remember the correct saying I heard).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haze View Post
    what I heard on "teh interwebs" about some guy breaking one knife with a hammer.
    yea i saw that video ..

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    I have a green beret and love it. As i stated in another thread, you'll hear a lot of negative things about them. But you have a choice between believing the sf community, or someone who thinks batoning through concrete with a sledgehammer is a reasonable application for a knife

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    I have a Green Beret 7in and carried it in Iraq and used it alot. No problems. Pacific is on my list

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    I have the 7" Green Beret and absolutely love it. I use mine as the all around outdoor cutting tool it was designed to be. I take care of it, but I don't need to baby it, and it has handled every camp cutting chore I have given it without a hitch. With the blade steel and the heat treatment that CRK gives the Green Beret there is no concern that it might be "brittle" in any way. The knife is a workhorse that gives good service and is well worth its price in my opinion. I have a lot of fun using mine and I'm glad I got it. The blade shape is well designed for a general purpose knife and the handle is comfortable and controlable no matter how I hold the knife in a variety of positions. I have a large hand so I "customized" my handle a bit by wrapping it with paracord which gives me additional comfort and control. The Pacific would be an excellent choice as well. Just a matter of personal preference.

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    Let's call it like it is guys. Saying it broke by hitting it with a hammer makes it sound like it was a normal hammer, used to hammer nails. It was a 5lb sledge hammer. Anyone that makes a knife intentionally to withstand being hit with a 5lb sledge is not designing a "knife"....

    I used my 7" GB to build a survival shelter that, both me and my wife actually spent the night. It did so with ease. I would not hesitate to carry my GB in the back country of Colorado.

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