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Thread: Busse Boss Jack LE & Spyderco Toad

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    Busse Boss Jack LE & Spyderco Toad

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    I have a brand new knives I am looking to trade for something different. First is a Busse Boss Jack LE with yellow/black G10 scales & a satin blade w/ choil. INFI steel. 11 1/2" overall and the blade is 6 1/4". Beautiful knife, and it just left Busse's shop not even 2 weeks ago.

    Second knife is a Spyderco D'Holder Toad C57S new in factory box with paperwork. Pretty rare little knife, and you really have to see it in person to appreciate it. Hollow ground blade with no blade play whatsoever. Cool little knife, but I have 2 so one needs to go. Will add pics of this one later today.

    I can add or take boot to even out trade, and here are some trades I am ooking to for, but i will listen to any offers:

    Microtech OTF's or possibly side-opening auto's (Would love a Halo 2 or 3 or Scarab and wouyld add boot if needed, but I like most all)
    Custom folders
    Multiple knives (Benchmade, Spyderco, Ontario, Al Mar, Cold Steel, etc)
    Nice flashlights (Olight, Jetbeam, Surefire, Thrunite, etc)
    Strider folders

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    Shoot me an email.


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    email sent your way =)

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    please send me an email


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    Have sent you several e-mails since our original communications, please get back with me if you decided to pull this or have already traded it (would have expected a word back one way or the other), Thanks!

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    I wouldn't get your hopes up guys. I bought this knife (the Boss Jack) from an ebay auction that was listed after this thread, same photos and everything. The last time I spoke with the guy was Monday. I sent payment via PP and haven't heard from him since, despite being promised follow up emails with more pictures and a tracking number.

    After I didn't hear from him for a couple days I started digging around and found this post... I sent an email asking for my money back and surprise, no communication. Filed a dispute with PP for item not received.

    Everything about this dude feels wrong. At the very least his communication is horrible, as demonstrated here...

    Just got his phone# from PP, no answer and voice mailbox full and cannot accept messages.
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