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Thread: Who sells nice stag scales? Or Jigged Bone?

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    Who sells nice stag scales? Or Jigged Bone?

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    I have an late 60's era "Original Bowie Knife" from Sabre of Japan. When new it had a hollow plastic faux jigged bone or stag handle that fell of pretty quickly. It has had a couple of handles on it since and this one is now off of it. Looks nice but it was not very ergonomic at all.

    Anyway I would like to put some stag or jigged bone. I have looked at a lot of places and frankly, I just don't know my way around this material. The jigged bone I like the best (and stag) seems to come in very small pieces for traditional slip joints.

    I am going to need about 5" long and 1" wide. The thicker the better but I am not opposed at all to putting in a colored fiber spacer so thickness is of lower importance. I have no guard for it but I figured I'll just get a piece of brass and go at it. If I have to make two or three before I get one I like...well, it's just brass. So the guard I think I can cover.

    Anybody have any thoughts or experiences with same? Either stag of a nice pattern of jigged bone will suit me. I don't want to use wood as these "cowboy bowies" just look better with stag or bone. I also have a Mora #1 blade that I'd like to put a stag handle on. Stag rounds are easy enough to find though.

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    Masecraft supply co.

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    I would also recommend Culpepper.
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