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Thread: Condor Hudson Bay vs Becker BK 7

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    Condor Hudson Bay vs Becker BK 7

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    Anyone have both these blades? Any side by side pics? I have the Becker but was wondering if Condor has a food solid feel to it and work well for medium to light duty chopping.

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    The Condor is quite solid and will handle medium/light chopping very nicely. They're using a much more attractive finish these days, too, as compared to the earlier "pockmarked" finish. It now has a random scratch pattern of small and natural-looking indentations that looks a lot more authentic.

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    I don't have both. However, I would characterize the BK7 as light, quick, and handy. It does not have that blade heavy balance point that make for a serious chopping knife. IMHO, the BK7 would certainly chop some and stand up to it, but it is really more akin to a big Ka-Bar USMC type of field knife rather than a chopper. I think your arms gonna give out chopping much with a BK7 although I am sure it's done all the time.

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    Hard to beat the Condor Hudson Bay price point. I think it would be good for light chopping. I would want a larger diameter handle for heavier chopping chores and would choose a different knife entirely.

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