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Thread: We were all new here once

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    Good post here.

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    Well said, I have been here for a wile and still don't feel like "one of the boys" at times.

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    You just need to find common ground where you can and build on that

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    Quote Originally Posted by NMpops View Post
    After reading all of this post, I think there is one thing that should be mentioned. Being a newbie on this forum does not necessarily mean you are a newbie to knives. Having a high post count does not make you an expert. I am a member of 7 gun, knife, bush craft related forums and do not post regularly but read most of them almost daily, yet I have owned, used and collected guns ans knives for over 40 years. Newbies often have a lot to offer.
    Well stated. I was a knife noob in 1965. This is my first post on this forum. I have read more silly posts from so called "experts", than new folks that just want some info. If I spot a stupid question or statement, I just smile, because it's not me posting it.

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    This. Is. Perfect.
    Why didnt someone post this earlier?

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    I find it particularly distasteful when the 'old timers' bark orders, like they have any real stake in the creating or enforcing of rules that do not exist. The vast majority of posts are retread ground, no matter the post count of the OP. You aren't supposed to bump an old thread with a question or comment, and you aren't supposed to create a new thread to make the question or comment. It seems that some members would like it just fine if the entire site were archived and everyone just searched the previous posts, no matter how little they know of what specific words to use or what kind of info they actually need. There's a problem when someone doesn't like the fact that people get to make new posts while on a discussion forum.

    That some people will waste more keystrokes in demanding that someone lurk more/post less, use the search, defer to someone with a higher post count who might actually be younger, less experienced, and less educated, waste bandwidth with lmgtfy, or any asinine action other than quickly and efficiently answering the question or providing a direct link is what causes most meltdowns, pile-ons, and hurt butts.

  7. I still remember my first few threads. And thinking on them now, it is embarrassing. However. I am very grateful for those who were patient enough to answer my " noob " questions. If I had felt unwelcomed, I doubt I would be as deep into this hobby as I am now.
    Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.

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    Well said. I've been a 'noob' on other forums that treated me with such disdain just for not being able to step right into pace that I no longer visit them anymore. This is actually the first forum I've found welcoming enough to end up staying on for over 1000 posts. For me that is really something. Thanks to the OP and to Sparks for keeping up one of the few great places to hang out in on the web.

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    Good thread!
    Some n00bs want to learn about knives, some others need to learn to have more patience and respect.
    Being it a forum it's sometimes easy to misinterpret things and therefore hard to get the actual intention of a post or thread...

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    Haha, don't even want to see my first few posts/threads. But seriously guys. We're all on the same level in life... Trying to make a good living and buy more knives. None of us are superior. The 'experts' on this forum should give freely of the knowledge they've acquired through asking questions and making mistakes.

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    Being a FNG on here I can say that everyone who has responded to my few post have been more than helpful. I found this site while doing a search for information on Scythes of all things. I'm very glad a ran across it, tons of good info on here.

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    I've certainly learned a thing or twelve from so-called n00bs on these Forums and I look forward to learning a whole lot more! I reckon I've posted more than my fair share of n00bery and I still have a lot of neophyte questions...

    Many thanks to all who make this site work! Thank you for your patience and understanding...

    Perpetual student,


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    good points indeed. Especially to the whole patronizing "use the search function". Don't they understand that if everyone searched and no one wanted to discuss anew, forums like this would not even be around? The internet is full of amazing informative pages on just about anything that can be discussed on here, but its here that folks come to discuss instead.

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    Being a VERY new member here and extremely new to forum posting (this is only the second forum I have joined, EVER!), it's nice to see that the majority of members are here for the right reasons! I feel like I made the right decision in joining this community of fellow knife enthusiasts

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    That being said...

    What's the best knife?


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    New guy here as well. I love it when members take the time to make a detailed response rather than be sarcastic. That being said, the search function is really useful

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    I'm rather new here as well. I have lurked these forums for awhile and had its results turn up time and time again as the result of searches, and have learned so much already about brands, steels, sharpening, and other things. I thank the members of this site for their time and knowledge and hope for their understanding when some of us slip up.

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    Just registered, 1st post, so saying I'm new is an understatement.
    My question involves Cutlery Corner. What opinions and experiences are there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theGrinningBeard View Post
    Just registered, 1st post, so saying I'm new is an understatement.
    My question involves Cutlery Corner. What opinions and experiences are there?
    If you click on the blue "Post New Thread" box back on the General discussion home page and start a post with your question more people will see it and you'll be more likely to get answers.

    Welcome to Bladeforums.

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    why does everyone here sound like such all dont know what your taliking about

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