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Thread: Team Gemini Light Brigade with Competition Finish, Black G-10 and Leather Sheath

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    Team Gemini Light Brigade with Competition Finish, Black G-10 and Leather Sheath

    Up for sale is a brand new just received Busse TGLB in competition finish. While waiting for this one I snagged a HHFSH and the WAF is currently low on having two new large knives, LOL. I literally got this in the mail today and it has only been opened to take photos. I snagged the sheath earlier from another forum member and really like it. Retention is very good and I think it complements the knife. Here are the details:

    Busse Team Gemini Light Brigade
    Competition Finish
    Black G-10 Handles

    J&G Designs
    comes with the tek-lok

    I would like to get $387 SOLD! paypaled and shipped for the knife alone (this is what it cost from Busse),

    $50 for the sheath paypaled and shipped. Thanks for looking!

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    Is this competition finish a satin fininsh? I'm looking for the bare blade here with out all the ugly looking coverings. Thanks. HDoc

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    It is not satin, but it is a bare blade. Attached is a closeup. Competition finish is relatively rough when compared to satin, but it is bare steel.

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    Great, I'll buy it (knife alone). Where do I send pal pal money. Richard W

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    TGLB is Sold. Sheath is still available.

    Richard I sent you a vm with PayPal info.
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    Cool knife, congratulations!

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    Found it. Money Sent for knife only. Thanks in advance. Richard Wingert

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    Thanks Robert

    Sheath Price reduced...

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    pm sent

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    All gone! Thanks!

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