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Thread: Small fixed blade or neck knife

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    Small fixed blade or neck knife

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    Hey guys I'm looking for a small fixed blade. Preferably one that I can put material on the handle so what are your guys favorite small fixed blades or neck knives and what kind sheath holds the neck knives the best.

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    Well the neck knives that come to mind:
    beker necker
    esee izula
    scrap yard scrapivore.....I'm not sure about handles for this one.....

    Also I'd say kydex for best retention..



    I forgot to mention, that some custom neck knives come up in the knife makers for sale area for around $100
    I don't know what price range you where going for but.....

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    ESEE Izula 2 comes with micarta scales and is a very nice little knife. The Bark River Bravo Necker 1 & 2 are great knives as well, but a bit more expensive.

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    Cold Steel mini Pendleton hunter. For $15 on eBay the benchmark backpacker is pretty sweet..has micarta handles and 1095 steel.

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    Esee Candiru. I just picked one up and was blown away by it.

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    CRKT minimalist. 3 choices of blade shapes and micarta scales (i think)

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    The Brous Blades SS Ranger has a large variety of grips that can be used; it's quite a versatile neck knife that comes in D2 steel and goes for just under $100.

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    I bought my Candiru for neck carry, but mainly carry it horizontal on my belt for work.

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    I'm carrying a Candiru with a kydex sheath horizontal on my belt too. Great knife and I don't even notice it there.

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