Hey guys

I've had the Army model fire steel by Light My Fire for a while, and find it a good piece of kit.

I value compact and lightweight items for a bug out bag though, and wanted to see how the Scout and Mini models by LMF compared, as they are smaller/lighter.

I've seen some pics on the forum, but wanted to show some side-by-side pics below to compare size and thickness of ferro rods between the models. Plus if you love bug out gear as much as me, it is basically just eye-candy..

From the left: Army, Scout, Mini.

Ruler here for scale. The Scout and Mini are about the same length.

The Army is a fair bit thicker, which means it will last for more strikes, but it weighs more in your survival kit.


Also on attached pic are the Sparkie and Ranger which I reviewed for Issue 7 of SKM, but found some problems with them.

I will be field testing the striker from the Mini on the ferro rod of the Ranger, as the Ranger is light and compact - I just found the strikers to be more effective on the LMF models.

For the record,weights are: Army 2oz/54g , Scout 1.1oz/29g , Mini 0.5oz/14g