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Thread: 205mm Gyuto

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    205mm Gyuto

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    Hey all,

    Just finished this up this afternoon. Seems to be a design that's in vogue currently as I have a few like it on the order list from people who really know their knives and know what's "hot". It's a flat profile gyuto like we often do (a lot of people call these funayukis) that's thin behind the edge but thick and stiff on the spine with a nice distal taper. Rounded spine, 48mm deep, 205mm tip to heel. This blade has my typical grind for these knives- convexed on the food release side and full-flat on the back with an 80/20 freehand waterstone edge. The asymmetry is subtle enough that the blade doesn't steer in food like many single bevels, but it does release food nicely. The wood is black dyed stabilized spalted maple burl and regular spalted maple burl from a damaged yard tree we collected and curated. Really pops, I love this stuff. The balance is 2mm forward of the maker's mark. I'd love comments, constructive and otherwise ;-)


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    There isn't anything negative to say about this one......really nice work.

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    I totally cannot wait until my name comes up on your list Luke! Beautiful work, keep it up!

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    Thanks guys! The new owner of this one is going to do a review and perhaps a Youtube of how it works for us, I'll keep you posted.


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