A couple of Angryman knives. Prices include shipping and Paypal if used, USPS MO is also fine.
For sale only.

1st up
AMF-S version 3,

Hollow ground, the front overlay lets the knife fill the hand as well as adding alot traction. Blade is 154cm 3" blade two-tone finish stonewashed flats, machine satin-finished bevels 7.875" OAL Titanium framelock with textured, sculpted overlay also two-tone finish, stonewashed with satin edges G10 backspacer,

$320 shipped

Angryman/Mah(Liong Mah design) Fluffy,

Titanium Framelock with about as much blade as you could possibly fit in a handle this length Checkered on both sides. Liong wanted a deep pocket clip and this is what i came up with. The clip slips into a pocket in the g10 backspacer and the handle screws go thru it to secure to the lock side. OAL open 8.25" 3.5" Blade 3/16" thick Frames are .150" thick,

$375 shipped

JDieseljoe69 at aol dot com is my email for questions