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Thread: Isak black israeli knife review

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    Isak black israeli knife review

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    Just curious if anyone knows anything about the ISAK black fixed blade knife. I saw it online and it looks cool and is made from a good steel in 440c. I was wondering if anyone has any information on it. If anyone has used it at all. Also it says that it's used in the Israeli special forces or the army or something but i've read that it actually isn't used in the IDF. If anyone has any information on that or what knife is actually used in the IDF would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, I'm new in this field so all I do is reading posts - to learn from you guys - But since i'm from Israel and I was in the army I can tell you for sure that The IDF nor the SWAT (ect). got "an official knife".
    What I do know is that knife manufactures give to the israeli special forces\units free knives to promote it, and maybe convince the unit to buy some items for the rest of it's members. Maybe the Israeli SWAT got some free ISAK - that doesn't mean they using it...

    The IDF troops tend to buy their own knife .

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    From my collection.

    And new model.

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