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Thread: Folder Nail Nick Cutter

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    Folder Nail Nick Cutter

    Can anyone post images of a fly cutter tool bit with the proper grind for cutting nail nick ? Multiple angle images please. Thanks

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    Here is how I go about using them. It has a picture showing the nail nick and how the cutter bit sits in the tool holder. The angle that is one will influence how the tool bit is ground.

    For actually grinding them.. I have photos showing with a blank tool

    This is the cutting edge of the tool. The curved part is the bottom part of the nail nick cut out and the flatter bit the top. The more acute the angle of the point the thinner the nail nick will be.

    The top view shows the relief behind the cutting edge so it will spin around in the mill without the back edge going into the knife blade.. You only want the cutting edge touching the steel.

    The back edge follows the front it is just relieved a bit further back

    How I grind them is like this

    There is already an angle on the tool bit so I just round that out as the first step

    Then I put in the top edge. I like this to be close to parallel to the table of the mill when it is all mounted up. That way I get a flatter curve along the top of my nail nick compared to the bottom.

    After I have the profile set I just follow the profile whilst holding the tool bit at an angle for the relief. I do that for both the bottom and top edges.

    Hope that helps,

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    Thanks so much! That is what I needed.

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