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Thread: so the ZT0888MAX is out already??

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    so the ZT0888MAX is out already??

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    I called one of the dealers in my area and have been told they received 2 ZT0888MAX (all gone, as expected)
    but I thought the MAX version is not released yet. can anyone please confirm? I indeed asked him to confirm the ones he sold are MAX, and he said YES,

    I also heard the total # of S110v is less than 250 qty

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    Quote Originally Posted by NSLST View Post
    can anyone please confirm?

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    Anything you heard regarding production numbers is for sure a fabricated figure. KAI does not release information on production numbers for limited edition knives.

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    This is what KAI said about Zero Tolerance 0888 and 0888MAX in a blog from January 2013 (LIMITED RUN 0888 AND 0888MAX DEALERS ANNOUNCED):

    The award-winning 0888 from Zero Tolerance and the 0888MAX will have extremely limited production runs—just 250 knives of each model.
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