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    Zt 770

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    I just had a birthday, and got to thinking, I need a new knife. I have had my eye on the ZT 770. This is the cheaper one. Is the 770 good, bad, ugly? I like assisted opening knives. Also, thinking about the 881 if I can afford it. All ZT's I have owned, have been real fine knives with zero issues.

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    I have yet to hear a bad word about the 0770. I'm holding out for the carbon fiber version but the aluminum one is limited and still very neat. Whatever you choose you will come out on top though.

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    I have in plan to buy zt770, really good & quality knife for the price.

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    I just got the 770 less than a week ago and I really like it - so much in fact I'll be getting the CF version when available. I took out the torsion bar because I prefer the feel of a manual knife, but I carried it assisted for a couple days and it was still sweet.

    It did, and still does, have a squeak when opening and closing, but I'm sure that will go away as it breaks in. Thus far it's one of my favorite knives. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razor View Post
    Also, thinking about the 881 if I can afford it.
    You mean ZT 0801. Check out the For Sale: Production Knives (Dealer) and contact dealers for best pricing below MAP (Minimum Advertised Price).
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    I've had mine for awhile and It's held up very well. No signs of wear from normal carry in the pocket. I took the torsion bar out of mine and it flips nicely de-assisted.

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    I just received my 770... and it FREAKING BIT ME!!! I was closing the knife one handed, like I do with all my other liner lock knives, and the spring assist caused the blade to pop back up. Is this why some of you guys have taken out the torsion bar? Is it fairly easy to do and will it void the warranty? While you guys say the flipper works nicely, it does not seem to be as smooth as the ball bearing action of the ZT 560. At least I can't say the knife wasn't sharp! Thanks for any feedback!

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    I love my 770, it's definitely not bad or ugly! The only concern I have is the aluminum handle scratching, so I don't like carrying my keys in the same pocket as the 770.

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