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Thread: Scrap Yard Mud Mutt or save for something else?

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    Scrap Yard Mud Mutt or save for something else?

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    I recently saw that SYKCO has come out with a 5 inch blade called the "Mud Mutt". It will only cost $120 with the sheath until the end out today, then it will be $145.

    Does anyone have any experience with them? Should I buy it today, or should I wait and try to save for something from the Swamp Rat custom shop?


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    I do not have any experience with those but I got one because the price is just right.
    I would imagine it will be awesome slicer due to the thinness of the stock.

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    Go for it!
    The mudder handles are very comfortable, the knife is light and will be a hell of a slicer.
    Getting 2 myself...

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    Out of all the Bussekin Res C handles, I prefer the Mudder grips the most.
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    SR101 is some great steel (mostly because of the heat treat, I believe) and the mudder grips are very comfortable. The price hasn't changed yet so there is still time. After that the price jumps $20.

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    I would buy one NOW... get it home and if you don't like it you will not loose a cent on it if you flip it in a couple of months. @$99 they are an easy decision. Like elof_alv I am getting more than one....

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    i picked one up before the price change
    my first yard knife

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    I too took a swing at the Mudd Mutt, it will be my second SYKCO blade. I can't wait to get it, should be a real slicer. I couldn't pass up the price either and I bought the sheath too. I hope some kydex/leather sheath makers scored one, I'm thinking I'm still gonna need a sheath as I'm not a real fan of drop sheath.
    There's a pretty good size thread over in the Yard on the Mudd Mutt. If you wanna get some more info

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    There are a few of the really good kydex and leather sheath makers that are regular posters on the SYKCO forum. I know that some had said that they already ordered. I would expect sheaths to pop out a couple of weeks after the first Mud Mutts are mailed out.

    I passed on the leather sheath simply because my knives seem to stay wet with salt water all the time so I go with kydex. I'll make a sheath out of a bleach bottle if that's all that I can get.

    BTW --- the price hasn't increased yet... better hurry!

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    Sounds like a great knife. Waiting on some user pix to see what it really looks like.
    Hope the $20 extra buys you some choice on handle color too.

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    I'm buying one NOW! Wow, I can't believe I am still able to get them at the cheap price!

    $135 shipped with sheath. Shipping is fairly steep!
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    I bought one -- frankly this could be very special indeed. I just wonder how effective this knife would be for skinning medium sized game?

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