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Thread: Rubber/kydex drop down

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    Rubber/kydex drop down

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    Hi Everybody,

    I re-thought the drop down dangler.

    Leather was nice but still a pain to work with and bio-degradable.

    So since I have worked with this rubber for making my hawk and exposed spine sheath straps for years I did a little thinking and this is what I came up with.

    1st the rubber is actually boiler gasket material
    a very tough nylon mesh over-molded with rubber.
    Some of the straps on my hawk sheaths have been over seas for several summers with some troops and no problem.

    I re-enforce the bolt holes with the same black oxide brass eyelets we all use to hold kydex sheaths together.

    The kydex mounting piece is made from .125" or 1/8" kydex and re-enforced again with eyelets
    It is made to be reversible and set up for RH or LH carry.
    You can also flip it end over end to adjust the height of carry.
    with the three holes you can move the drop down over one hole and more center the drop down

    Best part is you can put this on any of my sheaths set up for a large tek-lok

    So what do you think ?

    left to right
    3" , 4.5", and 6" drops

    on a sandwich sheath

    shift over one

    on the sheath

    Taco (fold over )sheath

    mid length drop



    Long dangler on a Taco (fold over)

    sandwich style


    flipped to adjust ride height

    Left handed Carry

    kydex part

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    Like the ASHBM taco with long dangler

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