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Thread: 40 More Cities Added to Knife Rights LegalBlade™ App - Download Now!

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    I need to know if anyone knows of someone in the cincinnati area that comes out to a restaurant and brings knives out and picks them up every two weeks with a sharp set and takes the full set.

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    Just installed this app. Love it. Local ordinances can be difficult to find and I travel a lot. This makes things nice and easy. Thanks a lot Knife Rights, both for the app and your work making automatics legal to carry in my home state of Texas.

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    Excellent job Critter; anything worth having is worth fighting for and paying for. Thank you.

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    Kansas knife laws are non-existent, I can legally own/carry any knife. (Yes, any knife) It's weird that I'm not more into automatics.

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    Awesome app! And what a steal for $2! With every state, let alone city, having different laws it's, nice to have it accessible all in one place.

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    Purchased. Glad to see the money goes to a good cause. NOTE: the app is a bit hard to use. I'd like to see the whole chart at once. being able to see only one line at a time makes it a little difficult to navigate IMO

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    Purchased. We have to support those defending our rights, and show in # our unified want to have and carry our knives to the law makers. $2 well spent!

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    Wow, pretty cool--off to set this up on my phone! Thanks!

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    Purchased and downloaded. Happy to support the hobby and the rights

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    Hi new on this site. What does it mean when someone says they have sent a PM on a knife? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by bikedaddy75 View Post
    Purchased. We have to support those defending our rights, and show in # our unified want to have and carry our knives to the law makers. $2 well spent!
    We should support that. Although we should pay $2, it's worth it.

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    so what are you doing to bring back legality of knifes to be used as tools, in your activities eg camping and traveling.

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    Thank you! I'm downloading the App now. I was recently surprised to find that I've been carrying an 'illegal' pocket knife when visiting several cities for many years.

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    Nice little app I was happy to purchase
    My city wasn't in the database, but I have tons of LEO friends around and will do a little research on my own,
    hopefully I'll be able to add some useful info

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    Many years ago, when I was researching knife laws in NYC+NYS, I found out there was under 4" blade limit in NYC and 6" limit in NYS.
    Is it still in effect?
    Or has NYS laws regarding blade size has changed?
    In your app there is no blade size limit mentioned for NYS only for NYC!
    Does it mean finally any size blade is legal upstate NY?

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    Can I get it on PC (my desktop)? I shattered my phone

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    Just repurchased the app. Since I frequently travel to New Mexico from Texas, it's handy to have multiple states laws available.

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    Bought to support Doug, I usually read up on my own anyway but happy to support KR.

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    I usually look stuff up on my own too. However, I have used this app more and more as I travel. It is nice to be able to see all the State knife laws on one page in the Green Yellow red color sequence. If it comes up yellow you click on it and get the details. Fantastically simple even compared to the vast power you have when looking up the same info up on a PC.

    It is always nice to support Knife Rights as well!

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