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Thread: Kizlyar supreme Biker d2 knife.

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    Kizlyar supreme Biker d2 knife.

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    I accidentally picked up Kizlyar Supreme biker in d2 steel and was really surprised by the knife.Fit and finish , grind and g10 is on par with any Spyderco I have.Blade steel is very good too, holds toothy edge really well, have used it in the kitchen,cutting vegetables, meat,chopping chicken bones etc.Also cardboard cutting and plastic straps are no problem for aggressive edge the steel takes.Have been using it for few days and there is absolutely no chipping or decrease in sharpness.The knife still shaves hair.The only thing that I did was to put rough convex edge on it with Norton silicon carbide stone.Just amazing how aggressive the knife is when sharpened by this stone.Did some spine whacks on a piece of wood and the knife never closed.I highly recommend this knife to anyone, will be getting some more Kizlyar Supreme knives in d2 steel in future for sure.

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    Got 2 from them, a folder in 440C and fixed blade in D2. Both rival pretty much any other company out there. Really solid knives.

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    Yeah theyre on par with anyone almost...

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    Looks intriguing.

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