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Thread: FOR SALE: C.A.M.P: 1 Finished Prototype

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    FOR SALE: C.A.M.P: 1 Finished Prototype

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    $57 includes shipping CONUS.
    PayPal: [email protected]

    Please specify which number and thus which weight knife you want.... S7 Steel
    11" long
    .25 thick
    Skeleton Handle
    Midline Balanced
    Hardened to 57Rc
    Triple tempered with a cryogenic treatment between 2nd and 3rd temper cycles.
    Made for cutting, chopping, slicing, and yes, throwing.
    Top to bottom and left to right:
    #1 SOLD
    #2 8.0 oz.
    #3 SOLD
    #4 SOLD
    All have a service edge for maximum strength. You can sharpen more or less to your taste, I left material on the edge so you can refine or blunt as you like.

    All come wrapped in red 550 paracord, don't like it? unwrap it.
    All come unmarked and as-is. Don't get me wrong, these are tough as nails, but they're not a final design so I will not be accepting returns, or asking you for full retail prices.
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