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Thread: Review: HI Kagas Katne

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    Review: HI Kagas Katne

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    I just received the KK and the specs are the same from the old thread

    However, the quality of the sheath and handle are not covered. The smooth pointy pommel and thick sheath make a cute package. Though the thin belt loop isn't for you SEAL types.

    This is truly a pointy paper cutter but for the heck of it, I "chopped" into a dowel and it made a decent cut. As a neck knife, this is a kydex nightmare or challenge depending on your perspective. On the dreaded business size envelopes, I found push cuts with the tip to be most effective.

    If you had to attack a renegade yuppie, this knife could take out the eyes in a either the chopping or edge forward reverse grip. I tried this against a box and the stab holes were no joke. In a sense, this is a testament to the chopping power of a full size khukri. This is also my first knife from HI and is a good 'trainer' for resheathing.

    Alas, this is not for me but a friend who's getting a letter opener this Christmas. It also passed the liner lock spine test magnificently.

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    Thanks for a very good review, Smoke.

    Uncle Bill
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