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Thread: Trading ONLY (Knives and Tools)! Read Me! (Updated 4/23/15)

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    Trading ONLY (Knives and Tools)! Read Me! (Updated 4/23/15)

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    This is the section for trades only.
    DO NOT list prices or trade values.
    DO NOT attempt to sell your wares in here, or rip someone off as you will be shut down.

    Due to abuse and some thievery going on, this section now requires a paid membership in order to participate. You must have a Basic membership or higher to list a knife for trade. Here is an announcement from Spark.

    The Exchange rules still apply.

    If you have any questions please ask the moderators or start a thread in Tech Support.
    Make sure you update your user group too, Click Here!
    All trades must follow applicable Federal, State, & Local Laws, Regulations, Guidelines, etc.
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