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Thread: BladeForums TShirts are now available!

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    Option 1 - busy.

    Option 2 - inattention.

    Option 3 - give-a-sh!tter is broke.

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    Is anyone else getting this message? I'm trying to order a shirt.

    Invalid Announcement specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator
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    Are these shirts made in America ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AntDog View Post
    Option 1 - busy.

    Option 2 - inattention.

    Option 3 - give-a-sh!tter is broke. guys have a give-a-shitter?!

    Dang, this really is a high-end forum, even with out of service mechanicals!

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    I bought a shirt from you last November and haven't received it. I have asked what the status is for the shirt several times and received no answer from you. I was forced to open a case regarding this transaction on PayPal to protect my payment and still not a word. what am I doing wrong? you accepted my payment and refuse to send a shirt or refund my money? please feel free to reach out and tell me what the heck is going on over there.


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    Was in for two but not hearing you guys are having a great experience. Whats the deal.
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    Yea what's going on guys I even reached out and offered to print the shirts through my company and have not heard anything back.

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    butt posted.....dang phone

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