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Thread: New designs in the house. Check em out

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    New designs in the house. Check em out

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    Hey guys,

    I've got a few new designs I'm working on right now.

    I have multiples of all these designs in the shop right now and have them ready for immediate order if you guys would like to purchase one.

    First up is my Parang. Its 52100 with DHT, and has a 14.5in blade. I tested out this design over the weekend and think it performs really well. Its got solid balance and can chop well despite being fairly lightweight.

    Also, I update my machete designs. The standard model now has a small guard to prevent forward slippage. I've also added a version with a normal choil.

    Let me know what you guys think

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    Love the parang pattern Hunter.

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    I love the front guard idea on the machete. Frankly I like that my machete doesn't have a guard, and if the handles had "scallops" cut into them, I could use the pinch grip a lot easier (see the LT Wright Genesis knife for an example of this). I think the lower pic with the smaller guard would be a lot more conducive to this type of handling, but the large guard is great for those who demand more brute force and less finesse from their blade.

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    Do you currently have any machetes available? Preferably with a full choil? Handsome work.

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    I like the full choil design for sharpening the whole edge evenly.

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