Hi Everybody,

Well it has been around for several years, the question of;

"How to make straps work with kydex sheaths ?"

There are several answers;

Cut slots in the sheath and run the straps through the slots, but then you have a Slotty sheath
But it permanently makes the sheath have slots on the edges, and the sheath maker has to do it before you get it or you have to send it in to be modified.

Mold a channel piece that the straps will run through.
This is a nice option but;
again, it has to br done before you get it or you have to send it in to be modified, as all sheaths are different.
This also only really works on sandwich sheaths.

So like my baldric behind the back para-cord rig, I came up with a idea that will solve the problem.

Most camping, Wal-mart or outdoor stores carry strapping material and buckles so you can make whatever length straps you want even elastic straps.


Take a length of para-cord and double it, then tie a knot, you can be as fancy as you want


Run it through an eyelet toward the bottom where you want the strap oriented


Run the para-cord down one eyelet, making a loop of sorts


Run the cord on the back side to the opposite side and put through the parallel eyelet.


now run up making another loop, so you have two loops on the front side, then tie it off on the back.

6th run the strapping through attach the buckles and Woo Hoo you have a leg strap

Works with Tacos too