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Thread: Aizkolariak, Basque axemen competitions and bets, and more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ugaldie View Post
    ...... in a bet consisting in cutting 12 kanaerdiko (1,25 meters in perimeter) beech logs.
    That's 15-3/4 inches in diameter for those less familiar with the metric system.

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    Very cool .

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    Basque country is on my list of places to visit. Awesome.

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    Thanks for your comments!

    2017-03-19 Doneztebe, the bet 2000€ between the Telletxea and the Etxeberria. The work consisted in cutting 14 beech kanaerdiko logs (1,25 meters in perimeter, 40cm diameter) and 4 oinbiko logs (1,67 meters in perimeter, 53,1cm diameter). Etxeberria brothers won it loosely, here you have some photos of the event,

    The times,

    Jesus and Migel Etxeberria,

    Jon and Pedro Telletxea,

    Talking about strategy,

    Roughly 500 people went to see it,

    Look at how good axeman posture they display,

    The moment they won it,

    Receiving the diploma,

    And as allways the good friendship between axemen,

    2017-03-19 the same day in Loiola, Azpeitia. Between others a rural sports exibition was organized, a local amateur stone lifter made an exibition, he is the lifter of the photos,

    A new axeman debuted there, Arriya 6th. He cut some logs accompanied by the great world level champion Arria 2nd.

    Four axemen of the Arria axemen saga met there,

    This Saturday 25th of April will start the Golden Axe competition by singles. This year we also have Spanish axemen competing here, more than the last year, half of them in the first competition. Let's hope they perform better than the last year, noone of them passed the first phase,

    We will have another competition on Sunday, two competitions in the same weekend, that's good!

    Some axemen never retire Tomas Larrea 88 years old still continues cutting logs. Here you have a recent video about Larrea saga, there you can see him joking he has a harder waist than Cristiano Ronaldo, funny man!

    There will be a combined bet soon. I spent all my time, I'll talk about it the next time.
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    I have already mentioned Basques do like mountaineering. There is an alpinist who also likes rural sports and specially axemanship, let's talk a bit about Alex Txikon.

    Who is him? Here you have what he says about him in his website,

    "Born in Lemoa (Bizkaia, Basque Country), on 12th of December 1981, Alex Txikon is the youngest of 13 brothers and sisters. When he was no more than 3 years old, his brother Javi, the one who taught him to love mountaineering, took Alex to the top of Gorbea mountain, one of the most emblematic peaks in Basque Country. He joined Ganzabal Mountain Club at teenage and could try himslelf in Pyrenees, Picos de Europa and Alps for the first time. In his 17 travelled to Pamir Mountains and he was just 21 when reached the summit of his first +8.000m mountain: Broad Peak (8.051m) in Pakistan.

    Alex Txikon’s taken part in more than 30 expeditions so far, has climed up to the summit of 10 of the 14 highest mountains and, chiefly, has lived the most incredible experiences in wonderfull places all over the world and with the most amazing people he could never had imagined.

    The first important step in his career came in 2005 when joining ‘Al Filo De Lo Imposible’ spanish TV programme, working as a high altitude cameraman also for Edurne Pasaban’s ‘14×8.000’ project.

    But, in 2011, although having recieved the invitation from Pasaban’s team for Everest, Alex Txikon felt having completed a stage and needed to start a new one looking for different ways of practicing mountaineering. That’s how he began to lead winter expeditions for which he is specially wellknown nowadays. These last years he has opted for projects that probably are less successfull but much more valuables in terms of technicality, difficulty and commitment. North faces, new routes, alpine style, big walls… it’s a risky but immensely satisfying choice.

    As well as alpinism, Alex Txikon practices rock climbing, BASE jumping and basque rural sport such as wood cutting; he’s an insatiable adventureman, loves exploring, travelling and meeting new friends, something which must be part of any project or goal that he faces."

    This winter he has tried a new goal, something nobody has never done yet and something some people has told him he is crazy, to climb the Everest in winter without the aid of oxigen.

    But after reaching 800 meters from the top they cancelled the expedition due to very hard and dangerous winds and snowfalls. They have suffered -28ºC inside the tents, while there was a thermal sensation of -70ºC outside due to the winds.

    Don't worry, he didn't told goobye to mount Everest but till the next time. He is a hard man and I'm sure he will try it, he has already done a simmilar expedition. They climbed the Nanga Parbat in winter without oxigen, and they have been the first.

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    Alex has combined axemanship and mountaineering. He has gone from the Basque Country to Pakistan by van accompanied by the axeman Bihurri and they made some axemen exibitions, one in Tauplitz (Austria) and the other one in Skardú (Pakistán).

    He said some Pakistani didn't undestand what he was doing and offered him a chainsaw, funny thing. After it they tried to climb the K2 from a new route but they "only" reach 7900 meters. They made a documentary about it here you have the trailer,

    And here the main documentary,

    But I have started talking about Alex for another reason, he will take part in an combined rural sport bet for the second time. Alex arrived last week from Everest and in less than a week he has challenged an elite axeman from the town of Azpeitia named Mikel Larrañaga to a 7000€ bet consisting in lifting stones, cutting logs and running in a bullring the 24th of June. Here you have Alex after arriving here, note how his nose is damaged by a frostbite,

    Here you have Mikel,

    The training time is very limited, they only have three moths. Alex wants long works to take advantage of his superior resistance, he has proposed cutting between 12 and 16 kanaerdiko beech logs (1,25 meters in perimeter, 15-3/4 inches in diameter), between 20 and 35 liftings to a 100 kg cilindrical stone an running between 8 and 10 kilometers. They will meet this thursday in the Mendizabal Restaurant of Azpeitia to negotiate the challenge and close the bet.

    These are new and surprising news, expectations are high!

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