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Thread: Stolen last night From Centeral Florida warehouse Cases of Knives bound for shows.

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    Ken I feel your pain.I've been collecting for over 25 yrs and I think it was a inside job or at least someone who knew the goods would be there. I'm in N FL. + go to shows 7-10 times a yr +will keep eyes and ears open.

    Best of luck

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    ugh.. god this makes me sick... just, why. hope you find them.
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    Sad thing about these types of crimes is the Police do not place a high priority on the items stolen. Erson they assume you have insurance, and even so it is not a hard felony.

    Honestly I would scour local Craig's list, e-bay, swap meets in hope of locating the stolen items. Also if you have serial numbers it would help your case.

    But JUSTICE is not just sometimes. Case in point a friend who is visually impaired to the point he can not drive. Dirt bag rolled up on his parked bicycle on another bike, cut his cable lock, rolled off.

    Long and short the thief or his friend pawned or sold bike to local pawn shop. Thirty days later we see the bike on Craig's list at Pawn Shop for sale.

    Friend show up with original bill of sale, shows serial numbers. Cops come impound the bicycle they have a stolen property report on.

    Today friend goes to court to try and get his bike back. Pawn shop says they are out $400.00 they paid for bike when they bought the bike.

    End of story might happen today, and the bike has been impounded since 8/2015.

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    Sorry to hear about this! I am also disappointed that I didn't see this before the armory gun/knife show this past weekend. I do know someone who works those shows, so I can ask if there were any new sellers or anyone conspicuously walking around with customs, lots of higher-end OTFs, etc. The only saving grace is that there's such a large haul it would take a while to unload everything, so there might be a lot of opportunities to catch the thief (or thieves, more likely) in question.

    Good luck in retrieving your (and the co-signed) merchandise.

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    Based on the pure volume of what was stolen, I'd say this was somebody that knew what they were after, and where it was being sold.

    Hope the SOBs get burned. Sorry you're having to deal with this.
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    I can't stand thieves. I see this at coin shows once in a while as I'm a collector/part time dealer.
    Dealers walk away from their table and forgot to lock their case.
    Dirtbag quickly walks out of show.

    I hope these get recovered. Sorry to hear this

  7. So sorry to hear about that. I'm sure you will find them on Amazon or Ebay undercutting everyone else's prices. That sucks!

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    April 9-10 in Dallas TX is the Lone Star Knife show, over 1000 tables... I will be there and keep an eye out for you... I will also alert other members of the Guild.
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    Do you have any pics of the high end knives? makers marks? Logo's?

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    Damn shame. You need a cop who is a knife lover to investigate this!

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    Hey when did they get stolen and did
    You go to blade show with them?

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    I hate a thief more than anything. I am not that far from Central Florida, and will be looking locally for any of these items. I wish you well in finding the culprit. It may well be someone you know.

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    I'm pretty sure I saw these yesterday as a gun/knife show. I sent you an email with my contact information. Please get in touch with me.

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    Fu&$ing thieves!!!!! I hope you guys find them and these D!ck$, karma is a bitch.

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    Sorry about your loss.

    Reason #42,674 that I want to leave Central Florida.

    Best of luck recovering your stolen knives.
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    This IMO is an inside job. You'll find the culprit(s) very close to home. Either someone who seems trustworthy is NOT, or someone trustworthy spoke when they shouldn't have.

    I hope you find them... the knives and the culprit, though I feel if you find one, the other will be nearby. I'd be looking at black markets very close to home for those knives.

    Good luck; sincerely.

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    Man, I hate to hear this. My shop was broken into a while back, and thank god the local pd, took care of it quick. Most of what I lost was returned/replaced by insurance.

    How did this turn out for you?

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    Even though it's my first post, I hate thieves with a passion. Luckily knives (especially the more expensive ones) are somewhat unique and will be hard to fence, they're also a very odd item to be stolen so either it was an inside job or someone spoke to someone who spoke to someone else, etc. They're probably still fairly close to home and the thieves will likely give it time then try to sell them individually. Since it's been a fair bit of time since the thread was first started, if the blades haven't shown up yet I'd keep a close eye on online auction sites and local classifieds (such as craigslist), since it's coming up to Christmas and it's been almost a year this may be when the thieves are planning to unload their merchandise so if you can track down even one of the more expensive knives online, you'll probably be able to track back to all of them.

    Sorry to hear that happened to you, I hope you get what's yours back.

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    Have you recovered anything? What part of central florida. I'm near ocala I'll keep an eye out

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    I hate hearing stories like these. The honest hard working man gets shafted and the criminal even if caught will get three hots and a cot for maybe a couple of months. Just happened to us a month or so back. The criminals were out the next day. My prayers go out for you and your business. I will keep an eye out .

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