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Thread: Stolen last night From Centeral Florida warehouse Cases of Knives bound for shows.

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    I hate a thief, and sorry for your theft. I will keep a lookout myself
    May your hands always be busy, may your feet always be swift.

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    I am sorry for your loss. I do not like thievery and I hope the lowlifes that would steal your means of making a living get caught. Some folks just do not appreciate how hurtful being stolen from is and do not care. To steal a man's livelihood is despicable. May God get you your stolen knives and other items back. I live in WNC and will keep an eye out as I have a fair idea of who has what around here and you never know where they may go as it would be "hot" to sell in FL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby3326 View Post
    Damn man that sux, I was thinking atleast they weren't high end knives until I got down toward the end..that's a major hit and I hope you find the pos responsible. The sad part is it was likely a junkie who hasn't a clue the value and will unload it for their next hit.
    I was thinking the same thing.....and then BAM lots of expensive knives.

    it seems to me that the more expensive models will be easier to track down since many are unique or at least rare and have S/N on them. the $25-$50 ones will be much harder to track down and prove they are infact the ones that were stolen unless they are in the company of the higher end models

    i hope they turn up!

    Gavin and G&G hawk had a knife i had been trying to get him to sell me for years. it was a a ZT650ST prototype. the production version was only offered with a combo edge but this prototype had a full plain edge. well it turns out someone stole a bag containing the ZT0650 as well as lots of prototypes and custom stuff that they bring to shows. about 25 knives or so. I sure would love to have that bag! (legally that is, i couldnt enjoy them if they were stolen)

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    Makes me sick. Thieves need to be locked up.

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