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Thread: swissbianco - victorinox 100% copper swiss army knife

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    swissbianco - victorinox 100% copper swiss army knife

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    new for the blade show 2016 we have ouer 100% copper cnc milled sak. these scales fit the 91mm sak and they are made in the plus version, with the needed slots for the pen and pin. these are made as a limited first run.

    the surface of the copper is not altered and it will form the usual character while be used.

    here some first pics, i will post more and a video link in time for blade show.

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    Wow, very cool. I have never liked cellidor models, but throw on some metal scales and they start to look interesting!

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    I will have to pick up one of these.
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    with an bit patina now

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    Do these snap in or do you epoxy them?

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    metal you cant make to snap in, theyr laminated using industrial grade glue.

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    Very nice Roger, copper is a good choice.

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    Will models with the new alox "plus" scales that you've been testing be available at Blade other than the pure copper?

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    at blade we have the 100% copper as the first model of that line. this is mainly for collectors of a true copper sak

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    What about galvanic corrosion between the copper scales and the steel liners?

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    the liners are anodised alu not steel

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    Will there be a way to purchase for those (of us) who cannot attend the Blade Show? Very very nicely done.

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    yes they will be in the webshop soon, i will update.

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    these are now in the swissbianco webshop listed

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    Received mine today! Very nice! My one complaint is there was some corrosion within the grooves and around the cross when received (I know - it's copper and that's going to happen). I cleaned it up best I could. I will let the patina grow naturally from here.

    I polished the Prometheus and Zippo for pics and will post more after they have all acquired a nice patina...

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    thanks for the nice pics! the nature of copper is that it tarnish really fast and that gives it its unique character. i suggest that prior mounting it get complete cleaned with a bathroom chemical cleaner and say a scotch brite pad, then you can also apply a clear coat spray if you want to have it as bright as possible, many or most want let it form patina. enjoy!!

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    Thanks - I am going to let the natural patina grow from here. I'll post some follow up pictures afterwards.
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