Welcome to the Custom and Handmade Knives Section, your place to discuss knives that are handmade customs.

This is NOT the place to:
1. Discuss or ask questions about how to epoxy handles
2. How to make knives from scratch, using a file and sandpaper
3. Ask what the best grinder is for the money
4. Ask how to sharpen your knife
5. Sell your knives
6. Offer your services, whatever they may be.
7. Ask questions about production knives or semi custom knives
8. Where the best place to buy belts is
9. Ask for warranty service
10. You should be getting the idea at this point.

This section is to discuss completed or almost completed knives, custom knives. NOT production knives, not knives made by a machine shop overseas where there are 100's of that specific model. Just read a few threads, look, listen, pay attention, and follow the theme of this place. If it started life as a production knife, it probably doesn't belong here. Enough is enough: