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Thread: and now I am a writer, racking up credentials While E coyote stile!

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    and now I am a writer, racking up credentials While E coyote stile!

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    I was given the chance to try my hand at writing by putting my field improvised sharpening class to paper. Thank you to Keven Estela (guest editor and owner Estela Wilderness Education, LLC) for giving me this opportunity. The magazine is showing on news stand this week, it has at lot of info packed into a small package and I would imagine every one that reads it will learning something. Yes I will be at the Dogwood Custom Knives booth (533) sining copies for any one that brings one by. On a final note I would like to say"take that you third semester english teaching shrew, you know who you are. No matter what you thought of my paper Moby Dick a love story! I am published and you are not ahah

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    Just stumbled upon this Dan! It was great having you aboard! BTW, you're custom glow in the dark pen was carried all the way to the Arctic Circle in Alaska and back. Spent 20 days there and traveled over 100 miles by raft. That pen glowed like crazy when the sun tucked just behind the horizon and gave me some twilight. Great pen with a lot of memories! It's getting a head nod in the Nov. issue of ASG.

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